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The growth of bacteria (lactobacillus) in milk leads to curd formation. A minimum bacterial population density of $0.8$ (in suitable units) is needed to form curd. In the graph below, the population density of lactobacillus in $1$ litre of milk is plotted as a function of time, at two different temperatures, $25^{\circ}$C and $37^{\circ}$C.

Consider the following statements based on the data shown above:

i. The growth in bacterial population stops earlier at $37^{\circ}$C as compared to $25^{\circ}$C

ii. The time taken for curd formation at $25^{\circ}$C is twice the time taken at $37^{\circ}$C

Which one of the following options is correct?

  1. Only $i$.
  2. Only $ii$.
  3. Both $i$ and $ii$.
  4. Neither $i$ nor $ii$
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