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An equilateral triangle, a square and a circle have equal areas. What is the ratio of the perimeters of the equilateral triangle to square to circle? $3\sqrt{3} : 2 : \sqrt{\pi}$ $\sqrt{\left ( 3 \sqrt{3} \right )} : 2 : \sqrt{\pi}$ $\sqrt{\left ( 3 \sqrt{3} \right )} : 4 : 2\sqrt{\pi}$ $\sqrt{\left ( 3 \sqrt{3} \right )} : 2 : 2\sqrt{\pi}$
asked Feb 15 in Quantitative Aptitude Arjun 27.4k points
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In the above figure, $\textsf{O}$ is the center of the circle and, $\textsf{M}$ and $\textsf{N}$ lie on the circle. The area of the right triangle $\textsf{MON}$ is $50\;\text{cm}^{2}$. What is the area of the circle in $\text{cm}^{2}?$ $2\pi$ $50\pi$ $75\pi$ $100\pi$
asked Feb 22, 2021 in Quantitative Aptitude gatecse 1.6k points
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A window is made up of a square portion and an equilateral triangle portion above it. The base of the triangular portion coincides with the upper side of the square. If the perimeter of the window is $6$ $m$, the area of the window in $m^2$ is ___________. $1.43$ $2.06$ $2.68$ $2.88$
asked Feb 24, 2017 in Quantitative Aptitude Arjun 27.4k points
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