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A jigsaw puzzle has $2$ pieces. One of the pieces is shown above. Which one of the given options for the missing piece when assembled will form a rectangle? The piece can be moved, rotated or flipped to assemble with the above piece.

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In the given figure both the end sides are flat. So, this rules out option D which has a dent on right side.

Now, if we draw a horizontal line from the end positions of the given figure (both end positions are at same level), we can see $2$ rectangle projections and $3$ dents out of which $2$ are $L$ shaped but not with same orientation. So, the correct option should complement this.

  • Option A: satisfies the required criteria of having $3$ projections out of which $2$ are $L$ shaped having different orientation and $2$ rectangle dents.
  • Option B: has only one dent.
  • Option C: the orientation of the $2$ $L$ shapes are the same ans so cannot fit the given figure.

Correct Option: A.

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