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A digital watch $\text{X}$ beeps every $30$ seconds while watch $\text{Y}$ beeps every $32$ seconds. They beeped together at $\text{10 AM}$. The immediate next time that they will beep together is ____ $\text{10.08 AM}$ $\text{10.42 AM}$ $\text{11.00 AM}$ $\text{10.00 PM}$
asked Mar 1 in Numerical Ability jothee 4.9k points
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A worker noticed that the hour hand on the factory clock had moved by $225$ degrees during her stay at the factory. For how long did she stay in the factory? $3.75$ hours $4$ hours and $15$ mins $8.5$ hours $7.5$ hours
asked Feb 9, 2019 in Numerical Ability Arjun 24.6k points
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Two and a quarter hours back,when seen in the mirror,the reflection of the wall clock without number marking seemed to show $1:30$.what is the actual current time shown by the clock? $8:15$ $11:15$ $12:15$ $12:45$
asked Feb 24, 2017 in Numerical Ability Arjun 24.6k points
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