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The controlling force curves $\text{P, Q,}$ and $\text{R}$ for a spring controlled governor are shown in the figure, where $r_{1}$ and $r_{2}$ are any two radii of rotation.

The characteristics shown by the curves are

  1. $\text{P}$ – Unstable; $\text{Q}$ – Stable; $\text{R}$ – Isochronous
  2. $\text{P}$ – Unstable; $\text{Q}$ – Isochronous; $\text{R}$ – Stable
  3. $\text{P}$ – Stable; $\text{Q}$ – Isochronous; $\text{R}$ – Unstable
  4. $\text{P}$ – Stable; $\text{Q}$ – Unstable; $\text{R}$ – Isochronous
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