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A spherical balloon with a diameter of $10 m$, shown in the figure below is used for advertisements. The balloon is filled with helium ($R_{He}$ = $2.08 \: kJ/kg.K$) at ambient conditions of $15^\circ C$ and $100 kPa$. Assuming no disturbances due to wind, the maximum allowable weight (in newton) of balloon material and rope required to avoid the fall of the balloon ($R_{air} = 0.289$ $kJ/kg.K$) is _______

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A hole of $20$ $mm$ diameter is to be drilled in a steel block of $40$ $mm$ thickness. The drilling is performed at rotational speed of $400$ $rpm$ and feed rate of $0.1$ $mm/rev$. The required approach and over run of the drill together is equal to the radius of drill. The drilling time (in minute) is $1.00$ $1.25$ $1.50$ $1.75$
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