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The front door of $\text{Mr. X's}$ house faces East. $\text{Mr. X}$ leaves the house, walking $\text{50 m}$ straight from the back door that is situated directly opposite to the front door. He then turns to his right, walks for another $\text{50 m}$ and ... The direction of the point $\text{Mr. X}$ is now located at with respect to the starting point is ____ South-East North-East West North-West
asked Mar 1 in Analytical Aptitude jothee 4.9k points
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Ms. $X$ came out of a building through its front door to find her shadow due to the morning sun failing to her right side with the building to her back. From this, it can be inferred that building is facing _________ North East West South
asked Feb 22 in Analytical Aptitude gatecse 1.6k points
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$\textbf{M}$ and $\textbf{N}$ starts from same location.$\textbf{M}$ travels $10$ $km$ East then $10$ $km$ North-East. $\textbf{N}$ travels $5$ $km$ South then $4$ $km$ South-East.What is the shortest distance (in $km$) between $\textbf{M}$ and $\textbf{N}$ at the end of their travel? $18.60$ $22.50$ $20.61$ $25.00$
asked Feb 24, 2017 in Analytical Aptitude Arjun 24.6k points
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