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Match the additive manufacturing technique in Column $\text{I}$ with its corresponding input material in Column $\text{II}$.

 Additive manufacturing technique  (Column $\text{I}$)    Input material (Column $\text{II}$) 
    $P$   Fused deposition modelling   $1$    Photo sensitive liquid resin
    $Q$   Laminated object
  $2$    Heat fusible powder
    $R$   Selective laser sintering   $3$    Filament of polymer
    $4$    Sheet of thermoplastic or
   green compacted metal sheet
  1. $P –3, Q –4, R –2$
  2. $P –1, Q –2, R –4$
  3. $P –2, Q –3, R –1$
  4. $P –4, Q –1, R –4$
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