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The figure below shows a symbolic representation of the surface texture in a perpendicular lay orientation with indicative values (I through VI) marking the various specifications whose definitions are listed below.

P: Maximum waviness Height (mm); Q: Maximum Roughness Height (mm);

R: Minimum Roughness Height (mm); S: Maximum Waviness Width (mm);

T: Maximum Roughness Width (mm); U: Roughness Width Cutoff (mm).

The correct match between the specifications and the symbols (I to VI) is

  1. I-R, II-Q, III-P, IV-S, V-U, VI-T
  2. I-R, II-P, III-U, IV-S, V-T, VI-Q
  3. I-U, II-S, III-Q, IV-T, V-R, VI-P
  4. I-Q, II-U, III-R, IV-T, V-S, VI-P
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