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About: In the outdoor handrail ladder hot bending glass installation, its construction process is very important. Under normal circumstances, the parallel line distance and the segment distance are not allowed to exceed 0.5 mm. The diagonal error of the glass stair handrail of the same specification cannot exceed 1 mm, so the technical level of the glass stair handrail is high in order to ensure the aesthetics and firmness of the glass stair handrail after installation. After the installation is completed, the quality inspection personnel pass the inspection and pass to the owner. acceptance.
After the installation of the glass stair handrail, it will be found that the glass stair handrail is far greater than the service life of the wrought iron stair handrail in terms of appearance and service life, and the high brightness of the glass stair handrail also ensures the aesthetics of the stair handrail, and the installation of the stair railing On the top, the installation of hot-bent glass railings and tempered glass can bring a good visual effect to the whole house, and more effectively expand the entire space. The biggest highlight of the use of glass is the strong sense of transparency, beauty, cleanness, simple care, long service life, and the wrought iron stair handrail may be very troublesome in cleaning (the wrought iron flower is easy to hide dust), but Glass stair railings do not require people to spend a lot of time to take care of the sanitation, usually just wipe it with a rag.
The company has been committed to the development and application of stainless steel products. Continuously introduce advanced production technology, equipment and testing instruments. To improve quality as our responsibility, we will continue to meet the needs of users.Outdoor Building Glass Free Sample
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