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Oxpeckers and rhinos manifest a symbiotic relationship in the wild. The oxpeckers warn the rhinos about approaching poachers, thus possibly saving the lives of the rhinos. Oxpeckers also feed on the parasitic ticks found on rhinos. In the symbiotic relationship described above ... a food source, rhinos may be saved from the poachers Oxpeckers save the lives of poachers, rhinos save their own lives
asked Feb 22 in Verbal Ability gatecse 1.6k points
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$P, Q, R$ and $S$ are to be uniquely coded using $\alpha$ and $\beta$. If $P$ is coded as $\alpha \alpha$ and $Q$ as $\alpha \beta$ , then $R$ and $S$, respectively, can be coded as ________. $\beta \alpha \:\text{and}\:\alpha \beta$ $\beta \beta \:\text{and}\:\alpha \alpha$ $\alpha \beta\:\text{and}\:\beta \beta$ $\beta\alpha \:\text{and}\:\beta \beta$
asked Feb 19, 2020 in Analytical Aptitude jothee 4.9k points
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