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A tank of volume $0.05 \: m^3$ contains a mixture of saturated water and saturated steam at $200  ^{\circ}C$. The mass of the liquid present is $8 \: kg$. The entropy (in $kJ/kg \: K$) of the mixture is _______ (correct to two decimal places).

Property data for saturated steam and water are:

At $200^{\circ}C, \: p_{sat}=1.5538 \: MPa$

$v_f=0.001157 \: m^3/kg, \: \: v_g=0.12736 \: m^3/kg$

$s_{fg}=4.1014 \: kJ/kg \: K, \: s_f=2.3309 \: kJ/kg \: K$
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