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"Here, throughout the early $1820$s, Stuart continued to fight is losing battle to allow his sepoys to wear their caste-marks and their own choice of facial hair on parade, being again reprimanded by the commander-in-chief. His retort that 'A stronger instance than this of European prejudice with relation to this country has never come under my observations' had no effect on his superiors."

According to this paragraph, which of the statements below is most accurate?

  1. Stuart's commander-in-chief was moved by this demonstration of his prejudice.
  2. The Europeans were accommodating of the sepoy's desire to wear their caste-marks.
  3. Stuart's 'losing-battle' refers to his inability to succeed in enabling sepoys to wear caste-marks.
  4. The commander-in-cheif was exempt from the Europeans prejudice that dictated how the sepoys were to dress.
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