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$x_{R}$ and  $x_{A}$ are, respectively, the rms and average values of $x(t)= x(t-T)$, and similarly, $y_{R}$ and $y_{A}$ are, respectively,the rms and average values of $y(t)= kx(t). k,\:T$ are independent of $t$. Which of the following is true?

  1. $y_{A}= kx_{A};y_{R}= kx_{R}$
  2. $y_{A}= kx_{A};y_{R}\neq kx_{R}$
  3. $y_{A}\neq kx_{A};y_{R}= kx_{R}$
  4. $y_{A}\neq kx_{A};y_{R}\neq kx_{R}$
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