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Two business owners Shveta and Ashok run their business in two different states. Each of them, independent of the other, produces two products $A$ and $B$, sells them at $Rs.\:2,000$ per kg and $Rs.\:3,000$ per kg, respectively, and uses Linear Programming to determine the optimal quantity of $A$ and $B$ to minimize their respective daily revenue. Their constraints are as follows: $i)$ for each business owner, the production process in such that the daily production of $\text{A}$ has to be at least as much as $B$, and the upper limit for production of $B$ is $10\: kg$ per day, and $ii)$ the respective state regulations restrict Shveta’s production of $A$ to less than $20\: kg$ per day, and Ashok’s production of $A$ to less than $15\: kg$ per day. The demand of both $A$ and $B$ in the both states is very high and everything produced is sold.The absolute value of the difference in daily (optimal) revenue of Shveta and Ashok is _________ thousand Rupees (round off to $2$ decimal places).
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