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Once the team of analysis identify the problem, we ____ in a better position to comment on the issue.

Which of the following choices CANNOT fill the given blank?

  1. will be
  2. were to be
  3. are going to be
  4. might be
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2 Answers

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  1. were to be      cannot be used in the given box because it will for the past tense
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Option B. were to be

The first part is in future tense, so the next half cannot be in past tense. All other three choices can work.
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yes you are correct
So why ‘were to be’ incorrect??

were to be is used in past tense.


the results were supposed to be announced yesterday, but due to some issue it was declared today.

Yes, I am getting ur view, but not clearly, why B) incorrect.

I think identify is a verb is present tense, which is making option B) as incorrect one.

but not sure.

you may be correct, my english is not that good. ( I am a GATE aspirant not a CAT aspirant.)
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