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A gas is heated in a duct as it flows over a resistance heater. Consider a $101 \: kW$ electric heating system. The gas enters the heating section of the duct at $100 \: kPa$ and $27^{\circ} C$ with a volume flow rate of $15 m^3/s$. If heat is lost from the gas in the duct to the surrounding at a rate of $51 \: kW$, the exit temperature of the gas is 

(Assume constant pressure, ideal gas, negligible change in kinetic and potential energies and constant specific heat; $C_p=1 \: kJ/kg \cdot K; \: R=0.5 \: kJ/kg \cdot K$)

  1. $32^{\circ} C$
  2. $37^{\circ} C$
  3. $53^{\circ} C$
  4. $76^{\circ} C$
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